How to remove or unlink my Google account from other Android devices?

It’s happened to all of us. We create a Google account, use it for a few years, and then decide we want to get rid of it. Maybe we’ve decided the platform isn’t for us, or maybe we’re just trying to simplify our online lives. Whatever the reason, unlink your Google account is easier than you might think! In this article, we will walk you through the process step-by-step. Keep in mind that if you have any linked services (like Gmail), you will need to disable them as well before deleting your account. Good luck!

Learn how to unlink your Google account through a computer

While we all enjoy a measure of privacy in our daily lives, companies like Google and Android give the highest priority to your personal safety. When you sign up for Gmail on any device it becomes an extension or protective barrier that stores important data as needed while still protecting its users’ records from disclosure without permission (or unless there was some sort law requiring them). However unlinking 

Buy Gmail accounts means everything stored within will disappear – including messages sent through mobile devices! You might not be able use this feature again if tied down directly with another provider so make sure before deciding how much info about yourself really needs staying public.

Here are the steps: 

Visit Google’s Account Support page and sign in with the account you want to delete. 

Click on “Data & personalization.” 

Under “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data,” click “Delete a service or your account.” 

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On the next page, select “Delete your account.” 

Enter your password again and click “Continue to account deletion.” 

Click “Delete Account.”

You’ve now successfully deleted your Google account! Remember, if you have any other services linked to this account, you will need to disable them as well. 

Would you like to unlink the Google account through your device? Too easy!

If you have an Android device, unlinking your Google account is a little different but still just as easy. In order to do this, you will need to go into your Settings and find the Accounts section. Once there, select the “Google” option and then tap on the account that you want to unlink. At the top of this screen, there will be an option that says “Remove account.” Tap on this and then confirm that you want to unlink the account. That’s it!


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