Why a University Would Want to Build an In-House Video Studio

By Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations

There are so many uses for video within a university. For example, professors can video create videos that teach. They can show things that they couldn’t show in the classroom. They can utilize the video over and over and add to it as things change.

Students can also make great use of the in-house video studio. For example, those majoring in communications will have to know how to work through the process of video creation. Others can use a video studio as a way to complete an assigned project. For example, a student in a marketing class could create an ‘advertisement’ as a part of an assignment to promote an imaginary product. 

The video studio can even be used to promote the university, it’s activities and events. There are so many ways that a video could be used that it is an essential part of any university. And really, that’s because video is so essential to the world. 

When a university has its own studio, the creative ways it can be used are endless. It becomes a valuable resource for the staff as well as for the students. As a person who own’s and runs a company that designs and builds TV studios, I’ve seen the difference an in-house studio can make to a university. 

The universities video production goals can be fulfilled

Each university has its own goals, and when it comes to video production, there are many benefits to having an in-house video production studio. Here are some of those benefits. 

  • Having an in-house studio is super convenient

The university staff can stay on campus to create videos. They don’t have to work with an outside company, and this means that time is saved over and over again. 

If a video is needed quickly, the studio is easily accessible. Sometimes timing is a big deal. For example, if you’re having an event, you can create video to promote it. This can be done so much more quickly if you have your own studio. Being able to create videos this easily and conveniently can make a huge difference a university. 

Students won’t have to leave campus to create videos either. They’ll be able to book studio time right on campus. With the pressure of school and the limited resources of many students, this can be a great advantage. 

  • Cost-reduction

While there are costs involved with creating and maintaining a video production studio, the costs are far lower than utilizing outside sources over time. In fact, with the relatively high cost of having a professional video made by an outside company, very few videos can be created for most universities. If you need to hire a video production company each time you create a video, the cost could be prohibitive. Most universities don’t have that kind of budget available. And students definitely don’t tend to have that kind of cash on hand. So, by having an in-house video studio on the campus, the costs involved would be dramatically reduced as it’s used. As an investment, it’s a smart one. 

As mentioned above, one way video can be used is to teach. Training videos can radically reduce costs, especially if you’re showing an off-campus location. Rather than having to take the class off-site, a training video tour could be used. There are so many ways to use video for the classroom environment. And by having an in-house studio you’ll have a dramatic increase in the ability to create them inexpensively. 

  • Course standardization

When you create a training video, you’re able to standardize the information. You won’t have it explained in various ways by different people. Sometimes standardization is essential, such as with medically related courses. Students can benefit from seeing a process, and by seeing it done to the highest standards. A video allows you to do that. 

  • Crafting your university’s image

When you have an in-house video studio, you’re able to craft and manage the type of video that goes out to the students, to the community and to the world. You’re able to maintain certain standards. Video can be used as a public relations tool which can help with fund raising, attracting students, etc. You have control over what is released publicly, and the message and image it portrays. 

  • Communication students will have a more well-rounded education.

To keep up with what’s current, it’s essential to offer classes on how to design, produce and edit videos. 

Having an in-house studio on the campus can allow communication students to study the art and science of video. Some students will want to go into video production as a career. However, even if their future jobs do not require hands-on video production, students will need to know how to manage the process. Without a video facility on campus, a university is missing the ability to hold classes on a huge part of the modern communication process. With an in-house studio, students will be able to learn every aspect of the video production process. 

What do you do when you’re looking at building a video studio for your university? 

First, you may wish to read some articles that can help you decide whether to move forward with building an in-house video studio, and on how to proceed. Then you’ll want to connect with someone who can guide you through the process. At Ball Media Innovations we design and build in-house studios. We can help you to create a studio within your budget that meets and even exceeds your goals. Visit our studio design website at https://tvstudiodesign.com for details, articles and contact information.


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